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Baked spiced yellowtail with roasted fennel, tomatoes and red pepper

Baked spiced yellowtail with roasted fennel, tomatoes and red pepper

Recipe pairing with Radford Dale Organic Freedom Pinot Noir - by Ilse van der Merwe

Baked spiced Yellowtail with roasted fennel, tomatoes and red pepper


This easy, simple recipe delivers big on fragrant North-African and Mediterranean style flavours, with the comforting umami of roast vegetables. Fennel brings a brightness to the dish, and the liquorice tones pair beautifully with the unique salty palate of the Pinot Noir. 

For optimum enjoyment during the hot summer months, serve the wine slightly chilled.

** We sourced the 'Fish With a Story' Yellowtail responsibly via ABALOBI who are working to support and elevate small scale fisheries in South Africa and beyond.** 

Tip: If your oven allows, you can bake the tray of veg and the tray of fish alongside one another, timing for it to be done at the same time (start with veg).

Ingredients: (serves 4)

For the vegetables:
1-2 large fennel bulbs, thinly sliced (save some of the fronds for serving)
300 g mixed small tomatoes, larger ones halved
1 red pepper, pith removed, sliced
about 30-45 ml extra virgin olive oil
salt & freshly ground black pepper, to taste

For the fish:
1 large fresh yellowtail fillet, rinsed and dried with a clean cloth
45 ml (3 tablespoons) extra virgin olive oil
½ teaspoon salt
freshly ground black pepper, to taste
zest of a lemon, finely grated
1 garlic clove, finely grated
5 ml smoked paprika
5 ml ground cumin
½ teaspoon fennel seeds (optional)
a handful fresh dill / fennel fronds, to serve
lemon wedges, to serve

Preheat the oven to 220 C. On a baking sheet, arrange the fennel, tomatoes, red pepper in an even layer, then drizzle all over with olive oil and season generously with salt and pepper.

Roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until soft and charred on the edges but not too dark.
In the meantime, on another baking tray lined with non-stick baking paper or foil, drizzle a little olive oil and place the fish on top.
In a small mixing bowl, add the oil, salt, pepper, zest, garlic, paprika, cumin and fennel, then stir to mix. Pour the mixture over the fish (use as much as you prefer) and use the back of a spoon or a pastry brush to distribute it evenly.
Bake the fish at 220 C for about 15 minutes until the thickest part is just cooked, depending on the size of the fillet, then remove from the oven and transfer to a serving dish/platter.
Arrange the cooked vegetables alongside the fish, then add fresh dill/fennel fronds and lemon wedges.
Serve warm, with or without some buttered bread/potatoes on the side.
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