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Value, authenticity and elegance; Radford Dale Vinum’s new lease of life.

Welcome to radford dale

Where we are not afraid to do things differently.

Across everything we do at Radford Dale, we aim to create wines of complete individuality, always. Combining a keen pursuit of innovation and a healthy respect for tradition, we produce refined and often elegant wines, designed to be enjoyed as they have been throughout history; socially, gastronomically and festively.

1. We question everything.

You don’t need smoke and mirrors to make great wine. You need good earth, good air, good weather, good fruit and good people. Our goal is to make the best possible wines, without all the hype and swagger. We don’t do things for commercial reasons or “just because”. We don’t do things because that’s how they’ve always been done. We do whatever is needed to make a wine that speaks for itself and especially where it’s from.

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2. We let the land decide.

If you want the best wine in every bottle, you need to grow your vines in the best location for the task. That’s why we don’t grow all the grapes in one spot. Indeed, we even have two wineries; one on the Helderberg Mountain in Stellenbosch, the other at our Organic Estate in Elgin. Take top-notch Pinot Noir. Stellenbosch, for example, is a bit too warm for these temperamental grapes to produce the finest Pinots, so instead we focus on our best organic soils in cool-climate Elgin, because this area has the right conditions and allows picky Pinot Noir to thrive naturally. Our finest red blends tend to come from the granite, shale and ironstone soils of the Swartland, so we focus purely on certain combinations and varieties there (Carignan, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah etc). While the Ocean facing granitic slopes of the Helderberg is where our old bush vine Chenins and Pinotages are in their element. The land tells us what nature likes best; we follow the wisdom of the earth rather than the whim of we mere mortals.

Our winemaking ideals

3. We don’t enter competitions.

Many producers make wines to win prestigious awards, but we prefer for people to buy into the virtues of our wines and what we stand for. Our wines don’t chase trophies, but they’re often more complex and balanced than the ones that do. Our consumers love them for their attitude and taste. And that’s all the recognition we need.

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4. We take good care.

We don’t just work hard growing grapes and turning them into wine. We also work hard to care for the land and the people involved in the process. We use 50% of the gross profit from our Land of Hope range to educate our previously disadvantaged employees, especially their children and dependents. The other 50% is used principally to cover production finance costs, so we can continue giving back to the people who make our wines without ever diminishing the committed 50%. All our wines are also eco-friendly and 100% South African.

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5. We love Chenin Blanc.

So much so that we don’t even produce Sauvignon Blanc. Truly. Why? Because we believe that the often under-appreciated Chenin Blanc grape thrives more naturally in South Africa and has a far stronger potential to produce superior wines. Taste one of ours and make up your own mind.

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five stars from platter!

We are thrilled to have earned 5 stars for two of our wines from the esteemed tasting panel of the 2022 Platter Wine Guide: the Black Rock 2019 and Freedom Pinot Noir 2020.

And we've even put them into a handy mixed case for you to buy right now.....Enjoy!

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We bought an organic wine estate!

In September 2021, 23 years on from our first groundbreaking vintage, we announced the acquisition (our first) of 20 hectares of established organic vineyards in the Elgin region.

The farm, now known as Radford Dale Organic, is Elgin’s only certified organic and biodynamic wine estate.

Read all about it

Why are we going Organic?

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Did you know that, aside from producing our own wines, we also have an Imports business, bringing some of the world's greatest hidden wine gems in to South Africa for all to discover and enjoy.

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News & Articles

Apr 26, 2022

Culture Wine Bar & Radford Dale host Alain Graillot tribute tasting and dinner.

The tribute tasting and dinner were centred around the number 25; a figure significant to Dale in that it commemorates the quarter of a century period in which Radford Dale has  imported Graillot’s wines into South Africa...

Apr 1, 2022

Ripe for the times. Value, authenticity and elegance; Radford Dale Vinum’s new lease of life.

Refreshing, distinct and offering rewarding drinkability, the new Vinum wines all represent remarkable value and a degree of individuality uncommon at this level....

Mar 7, 2022

Tim James: Organic wine farming in Elgin

'The property, now called Radford Dale Organic, is in a particularly pretty part of Elgin, it struck me when I visited last week (though when I mentioned this I was told that all of Elgin is pretty!)....'
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