Ben Radford and Alex Dale

Radford Dale was founded in 1998 when Ben Radford and Alex Dale first made wines together. We believe in combining innovation with a healthy respect for tradition. In other words, our approach is old plus new, and the best of both worlds.

We specialise in the mountainous viticultural sub-regions of the Helderberg area in Stellenbosch, Elgin, and the Perderberg area in the Swartland. This is a fancy way of saying that we work with grapes from all of these areas – the right grapes for the right wines (rather than growing all the fruit on our property). 



Punch down in barrel

We believe winemaking is all about individuality. We also believe strongly in the Cape’s ability to produce great wines with inimitable character. Just like the people who live here. We want our chosen varieties to express the extraordinary array of terroirs that nurtured them – with precious little intervention from us. This sense of “place” is often lost in modern winemaking, where too much emphasis is focused on commercialism, medals and other frilly stuff imposed by the winemaker or, worse still, by the marketing department. We want to give our wines a chance to express their own individuality. How? By working as naturally as possible in the vineyards, employing traditional methods, and manipulating things as little as possible in the cellar.



Integrity and Sustainability seal

Radford Dale is a business. But it’s also much more than that. Our “business” is also a way of life, a team, a common ethic and a set of values. As much as we avoid competitions, medals, trophies and the craving for status that seems to drive many egos in our industry, we do want official recognition for other aspects of our daily interaction with the land, its people and the planet.



Eco Cert wines 2020.jpg

In 2020 we received accreditation for two new organic wines made in a new cellar space at our winery.  This is the first phase of our 100% organic wines program which will see us develop a range of organic wines over the coming years. A very exciting project and one we have been working on for some time. 


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Because of the way we work in the vineyards and in the cellar, working as naturally as possible, handling our grapes softly and with great care, using spontaneous fermentation, traditional winemaking techniques, and minimal additions, we prefer to retain the integrity of our wines and avoid the use of additives, fining and filtration, which in turn means all our wines are vegan friendly.  


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Our team is a bit like the “New South Africa”: a cultural and racial rainbow. A blend of ideas, values and purposes. A recipe for innovation and success. And we wouldn’t have it any other way…

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